OliThink5 Java Applet Impl

Play the Java Version of OliThink5 online in your browser with a self written graphical interface of about 100 lines of code! See OliThinkApplet.java

- For a new game, just refresh the page. You are white.
- If the board stays empty, check your java settings and/or restart your browser for free memory.

This is now the applet where you should be able to play immediately without any installation and troubles. Unfortunatley Oracle (The new owner of Java) does not want any more applets, so it's hardly possible now.
You can read up the dilemma in this page

The video before was recorded with a Firefox 46 on a local applet. If you manage somehow to run this applet, please write me an email! Thank you. Anyhow you can download OliThink and play it on your computer.

  Here the chess program should start